JonZ (ISR)

Es gibt Bands, da wissen wir sofort: Die hätten wir gern bei uns. So war es auch bei JonZ der Fall. Großartige Musik kommt hier angerollt. Vielleicht the next big thing. Wer weiss?!
Der Eintritt ist, wie immer frei. Um Spenden, möglichst in Scheinform, wird gebeten.
JonZ is an optimistic and intimate duo from Israel, created during the musical journey of Jenia Vasilenko and Yoav Or in an isolated house on the Zamarin mountainside.
Driven by the desire to integrate art and the passion to absorb and experience different cultures and sounds, JonZ weave powerful yet gentle folk songs within a unique electronic soundscape. They perform both as an electronic duo and as an expanded and diverse acoustic lineup of talented musicians. Their dynamic approach manifests as an eclectic language that accepts anyone willing to participate. This inclusive outlook and their ability to build a home wherever they are form the essence of the band.JonZ have performed in major festivals in Europe – Colours of Ostrava, Fusion, Rudolstadt, 300grad, Greenland, I love Palanga, as well as in Israel – inDnegev, Yearot Mensahe, Meteor, Nataraj.Their 2018 debut album “Solid Wind” was recorded and produced by Ori Winokur.During 2019 they will perform at SXSW in Austin Texas before embarking on a yearly grand European tour through Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany.