Scotch and Water

Scotch & Water waren schon einmal bei uns zu Gast und haben uns schlichtweg umgehauen. Wahnsinnig eingängige Popmusik ohne auch nur annähernd langweilig zu wirken. Davon will man noch mehr, jedes Mal wieder. Wir freuen uns sehr auf die Gang.
Der Eintritt ist, wie immer frei. Um großzügige Spenden wird gebeten.
While listening to Scotch & Water you better be in an old trailer driving through a foggy and abandoned forest – just as lonely as you can be. Take your time, inhale, exhale, release the weight from your shoulders. These songs are about brutal honesty and restrained hopefulness.
Scotch & Water was formed in 2017 in Hamburg, Germany. This creative collective consists of five members: Samira Christmann (vocals), Max Quentmeier (bass), Hansjakob Wedemeyer (guitar), Lasse Weinbrandt (drums) and Dennis Bajer (producer and sound engineer).
After self-releasing their first 7 inch vinyl in 2018, Moving On – the first single of the band’s EP Never Enough, Always Too Much – was released via DevilDuck Records in July 2019 and brought a lot more attention to the emerging group. Showcase festivals, support shows for various artists (e.g. The Dead South) and a two weeks tour through western Canada together with JUNO-nominee Megan Nash followed.
The reason why Scotch & Water seem to flawlessly get to higher grounds is their exceptional songwriting and a sound that accompanies the former. They don’t rely on basic song writing structures and the well-known pop formulas. They are challenging themselves and demand a certain awareness from the listener.
All in all, Scotch & Water will get stuck in your head without you noticing.
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