Albert af Ekenstam

Albert af Ekenstam war schon einmal bei uns zu Gast und hat uns als bessere Menschen nach dem Konzert wieder nach Hause geschickt. Wir freuen uns, dass er nochmal den Weg zu uns findet.

Der Eintritt ist, wie immer frei. Um großzügige spenden wird gebeten.

Albert af Ekenstam, new EP ”Hundred Miles”, out August 24.Gothenburg born Albert af Ekenstam released his new EP ”Hundred Miles” August 24. The EP contains 4 tracks, including ”Our Stories” that was released earlier this summer.”This EP was written and recorded during an in-between period in life; I went into the musical process without a clear idea and let the recording process take the songs where they wanted to go. I recorded them in Dalarna in Sweden at my friend Daniel Ögrens studio during a couple of days last spring. On top of that, friends like Ulrik Oding, Sumie Nagano, Ane Brun and Filip Leyman, have also in different ways contributed to the recording” says Albert af Ekenstam.The debut album “Ashes” was released on Kning Disk 2016 to critical acclaim, followed by invitations to showcase festivals all over Europe (among others Reeperbahn Festival, The Great Escape and Eurosonic) and touring mainly in Germany and the UK.Albert has not been touring as much since the winter of 2017 and instead been focusing on songwriting for this EP and the forthcoming second album, to be released during 2019. The “Hundred Miles” EP partly shows a new side of Albert, more calm and more focused on songwriting.