Paper Beat Scissors @ Weltempfänger
Aug 10 um 20:00
Paper Beat Scissors @ Weltempfänger

Paper beat Scissors ist Tim Crabtree aus Kanada. Ein alter Bekannter und gern gesehener Gast im Weltempfänger.

Under the moniker Paper Beat Scissors Tim Crabtree stitches delicate and intricate tapestries of songs threaded through by an unmistakable haunting voice. Over 3 albums the Montréal-based Brit has worked with members of Arcade Fire, featured on the cover CD of Rolling Stone and been labelled „startling and beautiful“ by the BBC’s „Whispering“ Bob Harris. 2019’s chamber folk album “Parallel Line” was followed by the pandemic exploration la Mitad in 2021, which saw Crabtree perform Spanish translations of his songs.

The complexity of Paper Beat Scissors‘ music both belies and serves its simple aim: to create a point of emotional connection and communication with the listener; To hold a space to disappear, briefly, inside the spells it casts.

In this very special intimate show Tim will be previewing works in-progress, fine tuning them before starting work recording the new album!

Paper Beat Scissors – CAN @ Weltempfänger
Aug 10 um 20:00
Paper Beat Scissors - CAN @ Weltempfänger | Köln | Nordrhein-Westfalen | Deutschland

Paper Beat Scissors. Ein unglaublich talentierte junger Mann aus Kanada. Er war schon einmal bei uns zu Gast und alle sind als bessere Menschen nach Hause gegangen. Also machen wir das nochmal, dachten wir.

Der Eintritt ist, wie immer, frei. Um Spenden möglichst in Scheinform wird gebeten.