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provide yourself

There is a large and fully equipped eat-in kitchen on the first floor, which is available for shared use.

You are welcome to stay, get to know each other, cook and eat together.
Food can be stored in the refrigerator.

You are welcome to borrow the books from the shelf as long as you are here, or exchange them for a book you have read at the end – no matter what language.

In order not to disturb the guests in the adjacent rooms, the kitchen will be closed at 10 pm. Afterwards you can move into the café or explore the bars and clubs in the neighbourhood.

At the early breakfast time at 7am in the kitchen will be open again .


We are a backpacker hostel and mainly rent beds in shared rooms. If you book a single bed here, you share the room with other, mostly unknown guests.

The advantages of this type of accommodation are the low cost and the opportunity to make new, nice acquaintances with other hostel guests from all over the world.

If you prefer to stay among yourself, you can of course also book the shared rooms as a group.
But we also have a few single and double rooms.

More information about the different room categories can be found here

Check availability and book directly online here:

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