23. Oktober 2023 um 20:00 Europe/Berlin Zeitzone
asi-mmet-ric Konzert #7
BEBAWINIGI im Weltempfänger Hostel & Café
A musical and performative project created by Virginia Quaranta aka Bebawinigi. It is an all-around experiment. She experiments with a wide variety of genres to create something new; she experiments with instruments but also with any objects that could make an interesting sound; above all she experiments with her voice and theatricality through a broad range of different timbres, vocal registers and colours; lastly she experiments with verbal language often preferring her own personal “grammelot” (an invented language) over Italian or English.
According to the artist, the name Bebawinigi represents the graceless, grotesque, disturbing and inexorably imperfect creature that lies in each one of us, which we try to get rid of when we become adults, but which will always be a part of us.
Rolling Stone (Oct 2022)
“ A powerful flow of energy and suggestions always poised between an intimate and a more overwhelming dimension, a balanced mix of grotesque comedy, aggression and lyricism“
Sonic Abuse (Oct 2022)
„Sounds, at least at times, like Mike Patton and Bjork had a daughter.
The album truly sounds like nothing else out there. It’s as shocking as if the explorers in Star Trek were to find aliens that are genuinely alien, rather than humanoids who conveniently speak English, and I can’t escape the feeling that, in hearing Stupor I underwent an experience not dissimilar to those lucky souls who heard The Velvet Underground or Glenn Branca when they first emerged…
Stupor is a remarkable piece of work, not least because it manages to be both utterly avant-garde and yet impressively accessible. Progressive, yet never aloof, there is a human quality to the record that is irresistible. It is an immense album… a work of art, no more and no less“ 9.5/10
Blow Up (Sept-Oct 2022)
„The exciting picture of a course that seems to have rained down from heaven on an Italy that does not deserve its strength and importance.
„Stupor is one of the events of the year. The spell, the magic, the wonder. A (black) star is born.“ 8/10
Rumore (Oct 2022)
„A mind of overflowing creativity… Virginia Quaranta confirms her intrepid talent that subverts the rules with a lashing punk attitude, taking elements from different genres to fuse them together in a glowing magma of instruments, harmonies and even words submitted to the only compositional law that the artist seems to pander to: freedom of expression“ 84/100
Darker Side of Music (Oct 2022)
„It is a wild trip into the unknown and a journey you have never dreamed of.
This is the work of a genius because it takes a genius to create this kind of music. This is a different masterpiece of music that does not follow the norm of any genre.
Bebawinigi is magical. The songs are melodic, organised, chaotic, crazy and energised with personal spirit and emotion.
This album is full of creativity that is off the scale of what can be classed as expected, as every song is created in a way that has its uniqueness“
Rock It (Nov 2022)
„A stunning kaleidoscope of art rock, experimentalism and grammelot held together by an over-the-top vocal performance“
Extramusic (Nov 2022)
„Simply brilliant. The sonic alchemy that our Bebawinigi provokes is of a subtle gothic quality that takes one back to fairy tales, witches, and magic, and it is the magic of the voice that creates enchanting, original alternative sounds“
Progressive Rock Journal (Oct 2022)
„Bebawinigi… reminds a constantly morphing symbiosis of angel and devil“