Lori Goldston/Gibrana Cervantes/Mik Quantius

17. November 2021 um 20:00 Europe/Berlin Zeitzone
Avant-Garde Experimental Concert in the Weltempfänger Hostel & Café
Wednesday 17.Nov.2021
Free-Entry, we will walk around with a hat, please be generous !
Due to the rise of infections we will only allow admittance to the 2G+ among you.
Truly sorry about that.
(Seattle, US)
Classically trained and rigorously „de-formed“, with a restless and wild spirit, Lori Goldston is a cellist, composer, improviser, producer, writer and teacher from Seattle (Washington, USA).
With her instrument, acoustic or amplified, she has forged a full, committed, textured and totally original voice.
A relentless explorer, her musical journey freely crosses the boundaries of genre, discipline, time and geography.“
Her work includes collaborations with Earth, Nirvana (the cello on the MTV Unplugged album is her), Eyvind Kang, Terry Riley, Steve Von Till, Cat Power, Ellen Fullman, Mik Quantius, and many others.
(Köln, DE)
Mik Quantius is a veteran performer and vocalist of a unique kind, a true icon of the European musical and artistic Underground.
He speaks in multiple and fragmented languages. He is the Krautrock Beefheart. The esoteric Metallurgist. A one-man voodoo ceremony. He is Neil from The Young Ones and Garth from Wayne’s World, all in one.“
While he has been scouring the continent’s alternative music venues in spades for many years, recordings are rare. Nine years after his previous ‚opus‘, his new solo album, entitled ‚Mik Mich‘, was released on cassette on the Het Generiek label.
a Violin Player from Mexico, is at the moment on tour in Europe simultaneously with a few projects