Sylvan Weekends (UK)

7. September 2023 um 20:00 Europe/Berlin Zeitzone

Formed in the summer of 2022 in the forest; Sylvan Weekends brings together Matthew (folk), Freya (instrumental-electro) & Daniel (rock). Unified vocals from co-writers Matthew & Freya lend a nostalgic feel – one octave up resonates at twice the frequency & both voices together cut through with emotional resonance. The addition of synths & clever percussion drive the songs & make you move.

Assigning a genre is tricky – but getting a tune stuck in your head won’t be.

Sylvan Weekends | music

Sylvan Weekends – Fool Hardy (I will never forget this summer) (Unlisted) – YouTube

Der Eintritt ist wie immer frei, um Spenden wird gebeten.