Zoe Boekbinder – U.S.A / New Orleans

Zoe Boekbinder wurde uns schon von verschiedensten Freunden und Bekannten vorgeschlagen. “ Das müsst ihr unbedingt machen“ sagen sie und – “ Die ist so so gut“. „Okay“ dachten wir, „das stimmt!“.
Wir freuen uns auf Zoe Boekbinder.

Der Eintritt ist, wie immer frei. Um großzügige Spenden wird gebeten.

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Zoe Boekbinder
I make music because I have to. I’ve been making music as a job for over a decade (my entire adult life), first with Vermillion Lies, and in recent years on my own.

As I get older I’m more and more excited about the art I’m creating. I am writing about privilege, feminism, prison abolition, and also about grief, and survived abuse. I write about what feels important, only some of it is about me but it is all personal. I can’t help but make music and share it – and its the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

I am a creator. Music is the thing that holds my attention like nothing else, but I also build art installations, paint, print-make, and write.

Art is love. It is revolution. It is crucial. It is valuable. It is a real job. Capitalism sucks, but here we are.

I don’t need to be rich, but I want to make enough money doing my art that I can make better art..and also pay for health insurance and to fly home to see my grandmother. I spend a lot of energy figuring out how to pay the bills. I want to refocus that energy on getting deeper into my art – and sharing it with you.